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Tarot Readings

We are elated and honored to provide divination services at Déjà Vu Esoterica. Tarot is a magical group of images, a sacred mirror, a container of great knowledge and secrets, and a fantastic tool for embodying change and connecting with the deepest parts of ourselves. Our talented and experienced readers can help bring insight into life, love, business, friendship, family, personal healing, spirituality, or any other area of curiosity. Join us for an unforgettable and illuminating session you’ll be talking about for years to come

Please note that a divination session will never replace the advice of a licensed professional, such as a doctor, counselor, or attorney. We are not a fortune tellers, therefore we cannot predict definitively what will happen in your life. Nothing is set in stone. We believe in free will, and we know change is always possible.

At this time you can walk in during regular hours to receive a tarot reading, or you can choose to reserve a time with our online booking option. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about a variety of services we will be soon be offering with a diverse group of gifted readers.

Gem Hotvet, our resident tarot reader and owner of Deja Vu Esoterica, has been hanging out in the occult section of the book store for more than 20 years. 

A photo of Gem

“While pursuing my life long interest in mythology, symbolism, witchcraft, and all things esoteric I discovered that tarot grows at those crossroads like some vivid and mysterious flower. I feel deeply compelled by the images and archetypes contained in these 78 cards, and I have found significant healing in connecting these motifs with psychological and therapeutic concepts. I acquired my first deck when I was 17 and have been fascinated ever since. My depth of love for the tarot, my obsession with the art and myth contained within, and my drive to learn more only grow as the years go by.”

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 “Asking the proper question is the central action of transformation- in fairy tales, in analysis, and in individuation. The key question causes germination of consciousness. The properly shaped question always emanates from an essential curiosity about what stands behind. Questions are the keys that cause the secret doors of the psyche to swing open.”

― Clarissa Pinkola Estés