Grand Tableau Petit Lenormand Reading

Duration:30 minutes

Gem reads the Petit Lenormand cards exactly as you cut the deck, all of them laid out in a 36 card spread that gives a wealth of information. This insightful reading will look at the surface level material world and give us some guidance as to how to find succes, peace, abundance, and fulfillment. She can help with questions relating to love, life, business, education, or most other concerns. Her true strengths are reading to free the querent from feeling ungrounded, or conversely, stuck in the circumstances in life. She is also gifted with learning how the querent can spiritually evolve along their path to attain their highest purpose and to find the messages that are coming from your guides.

A reading with Gem is never fatalistic, she will never tell you things that are harmful or hopeless. She will help with taking a supportive look along with you into the mirror of your life. Her readings are a place where space is held for your thoughts and emotions free from judgment. She reads in the best interest of her querents, always. Her only hope is to give you the charms and wisdom necessary to persevere on the path before you, in the tradition of the Sage archetype and the Hero's Journey as popularized by Joseph Campbell. The sage (or mentor) helps the hero gain confidence, gives insight, or advice to overcome the fears.


About Gem

Gem Hotvet, our resident tarot reader and owner of Déjà Vu Esoterica, has been hanging out in the occult section of the book store for more than 20 years. 

“While pursuing my life long interest in mythology, art, witchcraft, and all things esoteric I discovered that cartomancy grows at those crossroads like some vivid and mysterious flower. I feel deeply compelled by the symbols contained in these cards. I acquired my first deck when I was 17 and have been fascinated ever since.”

Photo by Angela Michelle

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