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Cobwebber Brooms w/ Woven Top


We are currently making broom handles out of other ethically sourced hardwoods (which will be marked on your order) including: ash, red maple, oak, hemlock, lilac, cherry, etc. Our cobwebber brooms are both functional and witchy AF. These have a full length handle And can be used for standard sweeping but as the name suggests, these are perfect for hard to reach corners, porches, and dusting. We hand-dye all of our broomcorn and lovingly stitch and adorn them with special details. All brooms are anointed with an ancient recipe of an iron solution for protection and belladonna is applied near the base of the broom (near the broomcorn) for additional magic and 'flying' properties for when you really need to clean our your house. We finish the handles with a handmade Roman beeswax which contains natural beeswax and bayberry wax for money, luck, and prosperity in the home.