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Full Jyotish Astrology Reading with Henry


Jyotish is the study of light. Experience a full Natal Chart analysis using Traditional Jyotish + Modern Western Sidereal techniques. The Natal Chart reading is partnered with the D-9 Divisional Navamsha Chart which examines relationship and communication patterns, career, and pathways to experiencing greater personal freedom. The Mahadasha looks at specific periods of life and the planetary influences of each period. These three charts provide a granular and detailed of the life of the native throughout the years, while Palmistry provides clues as to what are the most important aspects occurring in the here and now.  


About Henry

You can’t make a (cosmic) omelet without breaking an (Orphic) egg.

Henry explores the cosmically weird and finds the universe to be a strange place.

She is a Vedic and Sidereal Astrologer living in a remote mountain village in northern New Mexico, on the Eastern slopes of the Sangre de Cristo mountains outside of Taos.

"I engage in Astrological study by going to the source— the sky above. I reside full time in a wonderfully dark region and have spent years studying, using the sky as my classroom and ultimate authority. I subscribe to the idea that Astrological knowledge is transmitted through speech, through books, and through direct observation of the cosmic drama."

Her background includes stints in mathematics, therapeutic psychology, forensic science, literature, art history, and economics. Her interest in Astrology comes from a deep and abiding belief that the entirety of the cosmic structure has implicit meaning, and it is a living thing. She believes that there are divine beings which reside and rule over the stars and that they have an influence over our lives. She believes that it is significant that humans are made of space dust, and that we are not just isolated creatures floating in a vacuum. We are reflections, microcosms, entire universes unto ourselves.

Henry has been a student of the occult for most of her life; her interests have always ranged into the paranormal, the improbable, the mysterious, the divine.

"It is my goal to offer readings which are insightful, compassionate, affirming, and speak to the highest self of the Querent. I am guided by a set of ethics which are absolute. I take the privilege of interacting with birth details seriously. My goal is to offer an experience that helps the Querent access their own inner agency and voice, to fully integrate their lived experience and to explore all of the potential ways they can achieve their spiritual life, hopes, and dreams through Astrological counseling."