Green Aventurine Magic Mushroom Tree

Mushroom Trees! TIGERS EYE promotes harmony + equilibrium, strength, bravery, courage, expels undesirable energies. ROSE QUARTZ universal + unconditional love, self love, caring, kindness, friendship, emotional healing, forgiveness, compassion CLEAR QUARTZ protection, purification, spirituality AMETHYST enhances intuition, spirituality, + meditation, calming, protective, balancing RHODONITE Soothing, Grief and Mourning, Love and Relationships KIWI JASPER Elevating, Balancing, Nurturing OPALITE Self-esteem, Courage, Acceptance MYSTIC MERLINITE expansion, focus, emotional understanding BLOODSTONE (SEPHTONITE) detoxifying, grounding, creativity HOWLITE calming, awareness, inner strength, rebuild emotional body, deep connection BLACK OBSIDIAN Protection, Grounding, Retrograde GREEN AVENTURINE healing, abundance, growth
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