Moon Cycle Reading with Gordie

Duration:30 minutes

Take a deeper look into the current situation in your life with an intuitive counseling session with Gordie. She will take into account the current planetary transits and influences on your personal placements and chart and explore how that is playing out in your life in the present. 

"My hope is to bring clarity and a lighter heart to all querents. It all starts with the cards but opens up into a greater discussion about the cosmic forces that reside beyond and within."


About Gordie

Gordie (she/they/them) is a nonbinary clairaudient & clairsentient intuitive tarot reader who specializes in moon cycle as well as transformational readings for folks of all genders, sexual and romantic orientations, and styles of relating. Gordie is well practiced in holding trauma sensitive space, and their reading style is one that places equal emphasis on sensitivity as it does analysis. In a reading with Gordie you can expect to have the symbols and archetypes present interpreted through a lens of mythology, astrology, and the narrative of the querent’s life. Their approach to the reading centers connectedness and humor from a perspective of neurodivergent understanding. The goal is to channel a shared dialogue between reader and querent, their subconscious self, and their ego.

Their practice beyond tarot reading consists of journaling (including automatic writing), grounding techniques in the form of rhythmic dance, kundalini meditation, sex magick, and spellwork. When Gordie is not reading cards they are spending their time as a mentor, full time student, and as a working artist.

** Be on the lookout for an email from Gordie after booking this service, they need your birth date, time, and location to pull your birth chart

Photos by Angela Michelle

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