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Tarot Reading with Nicholas Fuqua


- 1-card reading (approx. 15 minutes): $25
- 3-card reading (approx. 30 minutes): $50
- 5-card reading (approx. 45 minutes): $70
- Custom spread (approx. 60 minutes): $95 (More than 5 cards) Most in-depth!


About Nicholas

Nicholas Fuqua became interested in Tarot in high school but began seriously studying it four years ago. He began reading Tarot professionally while living in England. He recently became a Certified Tarot Advisor after completing a year-long course with Biddy Tarot, the world’s number one online Tarot education program, which is based in Australia. As a Pisces, Nicholas is a natural intuitive and he uses the Tarot to provide personal empowerment and life guidance to clients. Nicholas also holds a Ph.D. in history and is an artist and enjoys researching the historical symbolism and esoteric roots of Tarot.