Wynter Solstice Loose Incense

This herb blend contains Cinnamon for spirituality, success, healing, love, strength, and prosperity. Sage is used for self purification, while Calendula is protective of you and your space. Mugwort is used for its excellence at releasing stagnant energy and inviting pure energy into your space. Bay Leaf aids in manifesting. Each batch of loose incense is reiki charged with according intentions and crystal energies. The practice of burning dried plants, herbs and wood has been used since ancient times. Common knowledge is that this is used for ceremonies and offerings to deities but it has more to offer than that. Burning incense and smudge sticks have been used mainly to cleanse a space, dwelling, human auric field, items and more. It may also result in healing. It protects against unseen negative forces and elements, and boosts the well being, mood and state of mind of those directly influenced by the smoke.
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