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Let our talented group of divination specialists bring clarity to your situation

Gem - Petit Lenormand

Gem reads the Petit Lenormand cards exactly as you cut the deck, all of them laid out in a 36 card spread that gives a wealth of information. This insightful reading will look at the surface level material world and give us some guidance as to how to find success, peace, abundance, and fulfillment. She can help with questions relating to love, life, business, education, or most other concerns.

A reading with Gem is never fatalistic, she will never tell you things that are harmful or hopeless. She will help with taking a supportive look along with you into the mirror of your life. Her readings are a place where space is held for your thoughts and emotions free from judgment. She reads in the best interest of her querents, always. Her only hope is to give you the charms and wisdom necessary to persevere on the path before you, in the tradition of the Sage archetype and the Hero's Journey as popularized by Joseph Campbell. The sage (or mentor) helps the hero gain confidence, gives insight, or advice to overcome the fears.

About Gem

Gem Hotvet, our resident tarot reader and owner of Déjà Vu Esoterica, has been hanging out in the occult section of the book store for more than 20 years.

“While pursuing my life long interest in mythology, art, witchcraft, and all things esoteric I discovered that tarot grows at those crossroads like some vivid and mysterious flower. I feel deeply compelled by the symbols contained in these cards. I acquired my first deck when I was 17 and have been fascinated ever since.”

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Gordy - Astrology & Tarot

Take a deeper look into the current situation in your life with an intuitive counseling session with Gordy. She will take into account the current planetary transits and influences on your personal placements and chart and explore how that is playing out in your life in the present.

"My hope is to bring clarity and a lighter heart to all querents. It all starts with the cards but opens up into a greater discussion about the cosmic forces that reside beyond and within."

About Gordy

Gordy (she/they/them) is a nonbinary clairaudient & clairsentient intuitive tarot reader who specializes in moon cycle as well as transformational readings for folks of all genders, sexual and romantic orientations, and styles of relating. Gordy is well practiced in holding trauma sensitive space, and their reading style is one that places equal emphasis on sensitivity as it does analysis. In a reading with Gordy you can expect to have the symbols and archetypes present interpreted through a lens of mythology, astrology, and the narrative of the querent’s life. Their approach to the reading centers connectedness and humor from a perspective of neurodivergent understanding. The goal is to channel a shared dialogue between reader and querent, their subconscious self, and their ego.

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Nicholas - Tarot

Join Nicholas for a deep investigation of your current circumstances and the opportunity to delve into the potentials and possibilities of the direction you're headed.

Nicholas Fuqua became interested in Tarot in high school but began seriously studying many years ago. He began reading Tarot professionally while living in England. He is a Certified Tarot Advisor with Biddy Tarot. As a Pisces, Nicholas is a natural intuitive and he uses the Tarot to provide personal empowerment and life guidance to clients. Nicholas also holds a Ph.D. in history and is an artist and enjoys researching the historical symbolism and esoteric roots of Tarot.

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Hailey - Vedic Astrology & Palmistry

Hailey explores the cosmically weird and finds the universe to be a strange place. She is a Vedic and Sidereal Astrologer who focuses on productivity in her readings, over predictions. Her readings are supportive and ultimately aim to help the querent find their true purpose and path.

Whitney - Mediumship

Whitney is a phenomenally talented reader and medium who says she is "secretary for the dead." She brings through the messages. If you have loved ones who have crossed over who you would like to speak with she can help you to reach out and bring their messages over to you.

Adri - Tarot & Pendulum

Adri is a tarot & pendulum reader from San Antonio. She is sensitive, has a sharp intuition, and is ready to hold space for all of your most tender reflections. She holds safe space for folks of all gender expressions and sexualities. Her readings tend to follow a more open and abstract flow rather than setting strict meanings for each placement in the spread. Spend some time with Adri soon and find answers to your burning questions together.

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We are elated and honored to provide divination and interpretation services at Déjà Vu Esoterica. 

Please note that a divination session will never replace the advice of a licensed professional, such as a doctor, counselor, or attorney. We are not a fortune tellers. Divination and interpretation are arts, not sciences, therefore we cannot predict definitively what will happen in your life. Nothing is set in stone. We believe in free will, and we know change is always possible. 

Special readings and guest readers will be announced via newsletter from time to time.

Things to know before you book with us:
- We are only offering readings in person at this time!
- We are located inside a historic home in Southtown, just look for the little green house. When you arrive you can park behind the store, just pull down the driveway and turn left to park. If you're on a bike feel free to lock up to the handrail on the porch.
- Parking is not allowed on St Mary's and we wouldn't want anyone to get a ticket!
- If you need to reschedule or cancel you've got up to 24 hours from the start time of your appointment to do so. We can't refund or reschedule unless we have at least one day to fill the appointment time, this policy helps to make everyone respects their agreements.
- Please be on time! Tardiness will cut into your appointment time.
- Let me reiterate, we do not provide refunds in the event of a no-show appointment. When you book an appointment you're paying for our readers time, and even if you don't show up, they reserved the time to read for you.
- When you arrive, let the person at the counter know who you are and that you're here. We are excited you're coming, we'll see you soon!

- If you booked a session that involves astrology your reader will probably need your birth date, time, and location. Be on the lookout for communication from your reader, they'll be reaching out to get this info so they can prepare for the reading before you arrive.
- We will never DM you on social media to try to sell you a reading. If you got a follow from an account other than @dejavuesoterica, or a DM trying to sell you a reading, that ain't us! Block and report all scammers!

Let us answer your burning questions

“Asking the proper question is the central action of transformation- in fairy tales, in analysis, and in individuation. The key question causes germination of consciousness. The properly shaped question always emanates from an essential curiosity about what stands behind. Questions are the keys that cause the secret doors of the psyche to swing open.”
― Clarissa Pinkola Estés