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The average length of our Agarwood Natural Wood Incense sticks is approximately 11-12 cm. They are hand-cut, so the sticks within the same package may vary in color, weight, and width. Although the number of sticks may differ slightly, the weight in grams remains constant. Unlike regular incense sticks, Agarwood Natural Wood Incense burns slowly, making it reusable. It has a sweet, warm, and woody scent and is believed to have natural and powerful aphrodisiac properties. Agarwood, as we call it, is the resinous fragments that occur in trees belonging to the Aquilaria (Thymelaeaceae) family. Produced by trees of the Aquilaria family, these resinous woods go by many different names; Ud, Oud Hindi, Kutsi Bahri, Oudh, Agarwood are the most well-known names. Known for its strong, sweet, and woody scent, agarwood incense has been used for centuries in spiritual and cultural practices. The resin is carefully harvested and processed to preserve its delicate aroma
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