Using rings for magical purposes

Using rings for magical purposes

Did you know that each finger corresponds with different forces of planetary magic?  Your right hand is associated with giving and your left with receiving.

Index finger - Ruled by Jupiter, associated with leadership, spirituality, action, ambition. Amethyst, garnet, yellow sapphire, and ruby support this energy. Wear rings here to boost material or intellectual development.

Middle finger - Ruled by Saturn, associated with introspection, clarity, morality, knowledge, wisdom. Blue topaz, smoky quartz, opal, and moldavite are excellent choices here. We use the middle finger to make things last.

Ring finger - Ruled by Sun, associated with happiness, the magical arts, prophecy, prosperity, fulfillment, and good health. This is why wedding rings go on this finger on the receptive hand. Gold, citrine, sunstone, turquoise, 

Pinky finger - Ruled by Mercury, associated with quick intellect, communication, psychic powers, travel, and financial transactions. Amber, copper, moonstone, and citrine are best for this finger. Wear them here for aid with business, divination, especially on the right hand to boost your own personal magic and radiate your personal power outward.

Thumb - Ruled by Venus, associated with boldness, focus, the Will, beauty, logic, willpower. Emerald, carnelian, lapis, and peridot are good choices here. Use the thumb to invite affection and satisfaction into your life, success in business, or make personal changes in attitude.

You may want to choose a special ring just for this purpose.  You'll might select a stone and metal that feel most appropriate for your purposes, or let your intuition guide you.