Reader Opportunities

Six tarot cards are laid out over luxurious wood with rich purple and cream monochromatic details. The rest of the deck is tucked away above and to the right, inside a merlot velvet bag with silvery lining. To the left is a raw amethyst druzy cluster.

We have space for new services on the divination roster at Déjà Vu Esoterica. Our gorgeous reading room is now complete! We are finding there is a demand for Monday & Tuesday readings, so we are now looking for a few good folks who are great at divination. We are seeking only very well experienced spiritual advisors to fill in some regular openings in our schedule.

The kind of people we are seeking are skilled and compassionate individuals. They are adept in their areas of specialty, as well as professional in their presentation and speech. They are practitioners who specialize in one of many areas of divination or symbolic interpretation, such as Tarot, Lenormand, astrology, palmistry, aura readings, dream interpretation, etc. They are deeply kind, punctual, knowledgeable about a large number of topics, and they are moral people. All who read at Déjà Vu must agree to our code of ethics.

A few details about how it all works: 

  • We have one reading room, therefore we only host one reader at a time
  • We take a 30% cut of all readings and consignments in our shop, which will be held back from your total sales at the end of the day of reading
  • Payout happens at the end of each reading day
  • Open times will be sent to our list of approved readers as they become available
  • We are only offering readings in person at this time

Rental includes use of space and furnishings, promotion of your services specifically in our newsletter and social media, informal headshot, editing of bio and service descriptions, promotional materials, and refreshments while working. We handle the secretarial/booking service end of things, too, as well as covering the credit card fees. You will receive a list of client contact information from us but you you don't have to handle cancellations, rescheduling appointments, confirming booking, or last minute communications about directions to the shop or parking. We will work together to promote whatever openings you have in the weeks and days leading up to each reservation as to minimize unbooked time. We will also be promoting our services specifically to downtown dwellers and visitors to our city for all of our hosted services. 

If you're interested in providing services at Déjà Vu Esoterica please email Gem at (info at dejavuesoterica dot com) and introduce yourself, give a little background about your education and qualifications (including how many years you've been studying and who you learned from). Please let us know what kinds of services you'd like to offer, including prices. Please include your social media handles, information about your newsletter, or any other applicable promotional tools that you use to keep connected with your clientele. We are currently only seeking out providers who are already establishing themselves and building a clientele at this time.