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Blue Calcite Tumbled Stones


Blue Calcite is an extremely soothing gemstone that clears negative emotions and encourages rest and relaxation. It is a stone of inspiration and works to support creativity and mental energy. Blue Calcite cleanses and amplifies energy. Our Blue Calcite Tumbled stones have the perfect shape and size for holding them during meditation as they activate intuition and inner sight and promote optimistic points to see the Universe. They are easy to carry in a pocket or purse. In body layouts, they can be placed directly on Throat and Third-eye Chakras for best effects. Blue Calcite helps students to retain lessons. Ideal to be arranged in a crystal grid or placed under the pillow. Suitable to gift to people going through times of mental disagreements. Add our high-quality Blue Calcite Tumbled stones to your store collection to offer the best healing crystals to your customers.