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Chrysocolla Tumbled Stones


The Chrysocolla is a powerful crystal as it aligns all chakras with the Divine. The Chrysocolla Tumbled stones are perfect for Meditation or any type of energy work as flow of energy results in inner-balance and self-awareness. Through its matrix of blues, greens and grays, the Chrysocolla reflects soothing calmness in times of stress. Improves psychic vision and helps to face challenges with ease. It draws off negative energies and makes the aura tranquil. The beautifully hand carved Chrysocolla Tumbled Stones are visually appealing for home decor. A valuable gift for crystal lovers. Buy our lustrous, high quality, hand carved Chrysocolla Tumbled stones, sourced from Peru, with the trust that they will elevate your product offering to the next level. Sold: Per lb Origin: Peru