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Lemon Calcite Tumbled Stones


*FINAL SALE ITEM - Clearance Price no exchanges or returns accepted due to quality Take a look at our newest addition; the smooth and lovely Lemon Calcite Tumbled stones sourced from Pakistan. They come in color ranges from different shades of yellow to every shade of yellow to full gold. The variety of colors is due to the amount of iron impurities within each stone. Lemon Calcite, the crystal of self-confidence and hope, is a gorgeous new variety of Calcite. It is a calcium carbonate mineral that was recently discovered in Pakistan. Lemon Calcite has incredible effects on the Solar Plexus Chakra with its energies resonating with physical and emotional bodies. It sets one on a path of self-examination, increasing personal motivation and drive to become aware of and work on one’s improvements areas. It is also known as a mind stone as it enhances mental discernment and analysis, increases memory and the ability to learn quickly and efficiently.