An Accidental Christ

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In this newly revised and expanded edition, bestselling author Lon Milo DuQuette draws on modern scholarship and his depth of occult wisdom to bring you a story unlike any other. This provocative novel, told from the perspective of Jesus's uncle Clopas, sheds new light on ancient questions.

Jesus's charismatic teachings, his healing ability, and his miracles brought him fame, adoration, resentment, and ultimately death (or did they?). Interweaving biblical quotes with historical facts and speculation, DuQuette immerses you in a thought-provoking tale that presents a plausible case for how distorted the Jesus myth may have become. Who really was Jesus? King of the Jews? Son of God? Or simply a man caught up in the geo-political and religious intrigues of first-century Roman Palestine?

Funny, tragic, and thrilling, this novel both inspires and challenges your thinking about Jesus.
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