Energy Cleansing Soap

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Energy Cleansing Soap is used to cleanse and remove negative energies and vibrations from your spiritual body. Spiritual baths are used in many traditions for purification and to connect physical and spiritual energies in order to harmonize them. ​ 5 oz bar of soap Product Details: ✺ Hemp Soap Base feels creamy and moisturizes the skin. ✺ Dead Sea Salt helps cleanse, heal and balance energy, while repelling negative vibrations. ✺ Jojoba Oil is an excellent emollient for the skin and carrier for the essential oils in the blend. ✺ Vitamin E Oil is a cleaning agent that moisturizes and nourishes the skin,. ✺ Orange & Lemon Fruits energize the aura ✺ ​​Sage leaves are used in aura cleansing to dispel negative energies.
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