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Periwinkle helps clear blockages and release trauma. It helps energy flow through us; integrating past experiences and providing wisdom and clarity for what’s next. It’s associated with love, divination, abundance, balance, peace and understanding. These periwinkle blooms were gathered in the late afternoon and set under the full moon. Flower essences capture the energetic and vibrational qualities of a flower or plant. They work on an energetic level, to address emotional or spiritual aspects of wellbeing. They’re made by delicately placing flowers into a crystal bowl filled with spring water, then set under the sun (or sometimes the moon), to allow the essence or energetic imprint of the flower to transfer to the water. Periwinkle flower essence can be taken as a daily elixir, or can be used during ritual or added to spell jars for intuition, abundance, protection, balance or trauma release. 1 fl oz
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