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Five-Way Crossroads Dirt is a rather hard-to-acquire item. It is used to manifest any outcome you desire, even ones that may seem remote or unlikely. It can be used to find inspiration, creativity, and innovation, or to attack a problem from an unconventional angle. It can further be used for surprise attacks upon unsuspecting foes, or in spells to protect from unexpected or unseen enemies. There are no limits or restrictions to what or how you use this dirt. It can open any door or gate in any realm.

Dig Deeper
Dirt, commonly found beneath our feet and often overlooked, possesses a unique connection to the energies of the location it is from. This connection allows practitioners to tap into its hidden potential and channel its energies for magical purposes (also known as rootwork). From casting spells for protection, abundance, and fertility, to necromancy, curses, and hexes -- dirt offers a diverse range of magical applications! 
Dirt represents the connection between the physical and the spiritual realms, acting as a bridge between these two planes of existence. By working with dirt, practitioners can tap into the energy of the place it came from to strengthen their magical workings.
Dirt symbolizes nourishment and transformation, but also death --as everything on this planet will eventually return to the soil.
Graveyards are burial grounds within a churchyard, and 'cemetery dirt,' which is used interchangeably with 'graveyard dirt,' denotes that it was taken from a burial ground not attached to a churchyard. The more you know!

Collection Method
This dirt was collected only after bartering with and paying the spirits on the land where it was gathered. It has been collected intentionally and is already primed for use in magical workings. The spirits are informed of the purpose behind the collection and have agreed to lend their energy to the magical workings done with the dirt. These steps ensure any negative or unwanted energies from the collected dirt do not interfere with your workings. In gaining permission and providing payment, the dirt is ensured to be imbued with positive intentions and ready for use. This graveyard dirt is collected on or near the New Moon and most often done in October, as the veil between the worlds is thinnest, but it may be collected at other times of the year if necessary.

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