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Named for the river goddess from Tolkien's lore, Goldberry™ is a muse to artists and adventurers far and wide. This vibrant blend is an afternoon soak in a sunlit stream beneath the branches of a blossomed lemon tree. Light sparkles on the water, and sweet music drifts along like a summer's breeze. Enjoy the river's wisdom and play in the sun! Features: A refreshing aroma profile of bright citrus, honey, & wet stone with zero synthetic fragrances Approximately 20 incense sticks (30 grams) packaged inside compostable cellophane and a recyclable pillow box Associations: Element: Water Zodiac: Cancer, Leo, Pisces Tarot: The Fool Rune: Laguz/Water (emotions, dreams, ebb & flow of life) One case contains 9 packs + 1 tester Ingredients: essential oils (bergamot [Citrus bergamia], fir needle [Abies sibirica], frankincense [Boswellia sacra], lemongrass [Cymbopogon citratus], orange [Citrus sinensis], tea tree [Melaleuca alternifolia], charcoal, tree resin, bamboo stick, pain
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