Green Man Tree Candle

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This is a beautifully detailed candle on every angle. This candle mold was made by our brand, and won't be found elsewhere! Made with 100% soy and pure cotton wick. Unscented The history and meaning behind the Greenman, is as vast as nature itself. To some he is the spirit of the forest and/or the father/spouse/son of mother nature. He can be a mark of death and rebirth as there has been symbolism of him on caskets and coffins in ancient times. Many see him as the a good omen of plentiful harvest and oncoming spring. In more ways than one he is a beautiful depiction of positivity and the love for the world around us. *All products are hand poured and each detail is hand painted per each order. Some candles may contain minor imperfections that do not effect the quality of the candle such as small air bubbles or feathering. Candle wax dye is also sourced from various vendors depending on availability so changes in color shades may be different then the picture.
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