Remembrance Elixir

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Created to help bring a sense of clarity & truth, and to call in a greater sense of self. The herbs used in this blend serve to draw in deep remembrance of self. It's suitable when doing journey work, shadow work, or when simply calling the scattered pieces of yourself back to center. Rose helps to soothe the soul, bring truth, and stimulates intuition. Damiana is helpful in lifting the spirit and healing trauma. Rosemary is for remembrance and healing. Tulsi goes where it's needed and helps with stress, brings clarity and a sense of calling-in. 1 fl oz Infused with tulsi², damiana², rose* and rosemary². Lightly sweetened with local honey². ²organic *harvested by us Our products are intentionally & thoughtfully created as tools to inspire those who are on a witchcraft or spiritual journey and can be used during rituals, spells, manifestation, prayer, ceremony or daily devotion.
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