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The average length of our Sandalwood Natural Incense sticks is approximately 12-13 cm. They are hand-cut, so the sticks within the same package may vary in color, weight, and width. Although the number of sticks may differ slightly, the weight in grams remains constant. Unlike regular incense sticks, Sandalwood incense burns slowly, making it reusable. The scent of Sandalwood promotes relaxation, peace, and a love of life and enhances spiritual awareness and clarity. It has a soft, fresh, woody, and slightly spicy aroma. Mamuxa Sandalwood Natural Incense, whose homeland is India, is a part of the Sandalaceae (Santalaceae) family. It has an important place in some of the major religions from Buddhism to Hinduism, Ayurvedic medicine, and Far Eastern local traditions. Today, Sandalwood is used in miniature wood carving, making soap, candles, skin care and other cosmetic products. It is a common incense used for spiritual ceremonies and rituals in human history.
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