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“It is impossible to overstate Scott Cunningham’s influence on the world of Western witchcraft, as well as on Wiccan spirituality. He was not the founder of modern Wicca; that’s Gerald Gardner. He did not introduce Wicca to the United States; that was Raymond Buckland. Instead, Scott transformed Wicca and witchcraft by making them accessible to all in a way that had previously not been possible. Although the impact of Scott’s work continues to grow, too many are unaware of Scott, himself, as a person. This brilliantly moving book by Christine Cunningham Ashworth, Scott’s younger sister, seeks to remedy that.”
—Judika Illes, editor, and author of Encyclopedia of Witchcraft 

“Like so many other witches, my first witchcraft books were those written by Scott Cunningham. I still use much of what I learned from him in my own books. He was a huge influence, personally and professionally irreplaceable and unmatched. It has always been a great sorrow to me that I never met Scott, but through this wonderful new biography, I feel as though I finally have. Thank you, Christine Cunningham Ashworth, for sharing him with me and the world. It is a gift beyond measure.”
—Deborah Blake, author of The Everyday Witch’s Coven and The Eclectic Witch’s Book of Shadows

“Christine Cunningham Ashworth has created a loving and insightful written journey to understand the many influences and experiences that shaped the man who would reshape Wicca—her brother, Scott Cunningham. Scott Cunningham—The Path Taken is a beautiful book.”
—deTraci Regula, author of The Mysteries of Isis

“There are those who are legends from the early days of the modern Pagan movement. Many are well remembered, still beloved, their books still treasured. Scott Cunningham is such a legend and this new biography is by someone who loved him, his sister Christine Cunningham Ashworth. Beautifully written, Scott Cunningham—The Path Taken is a warm, funny, insightful portrait of a legend. Add this book to your shelf or book stack, and meet the man you thought you knew. It’s brilliant.”
—H. Byron Ballard, author of Seasons of a Magical Life

“This book ought to come with a warning label: ‘Do not open unless your schedule is free for the next several hours.’ It’s a hackneyed old trope to say, ‘I couldn’t put this book down,’ but in the case of Scott Cunningham—The Path Taken, it’s absolutely accurate. Christine’s story is a truly compelling page-turner that reads like the best fiction, but even better, as it’s all true! Whether you are a Scott Cunningham aficionado or are just getting introduced to his legacy in the world of witchcraft, you will be fascinated with this story of his courage, curiosity, and magic, written by one of the people who knew him the best—his sister. Just make sure you are ready to settle in for a nice, long, thoroughly enlightening, and enjoyable read.”
—Madame Pamita, author of Magical Tarot, Baba Yaga's Book of Witchcraft, and The Book of Candle Magic

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