Secrets of Greek Mysticism

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Secrets of Greek Mysticism is a rare gem that marries scholarly wisdom with practical spirituality. George’s insightful approach unveils the gods’ profound essence, offering readers a transformative roadmap to inner growth and connection. This book is an invitation to weave the divine into our daily lives.”
—Sophie Bashford, intuitive and bestselling author of You Are a Goddess

“Practical, authentic, and undeniably helpful, Secrets of Greek Mysticism needs to be on every spiritual practitioner’s bookshelf. Inside you’ll find straightforward ways to live in devotion to the earth while also expanding your spiritual perspective. Lizos helps us access the deeper essence of the gods. Our connect with them becomes robust, unbreakable. Reading it you won’t be able to resist rededicating yourself to your practice.”
—Amanda Yates Garcia, author of Initiated: Memoirs of a Witch, host of Between the Worlds Podcast

Secrets of Greek Mysticism gives the reader beautiful and clear insights into the path of spirituality, communion, and connection with the Divine through ancient knowledge and wisdom that is needed in the world right now. George has created a beautiful flow throughout the book that really helps both beginners and more experienced spiritual seekers to cultivate a deeper practice with the different archetypes of the Divine and how to integrate into our daily lives.”
—Shereen Oberg, certified yoga and meditation teacher, and creator of the Law of Positivism Instagram, podcast, and book

Secrets of Greek Mysticism is a must-read for anyone looking to explore and deepen their connection with the ancient gods and goddesses. George Lizos brings ancient Greek wisdom and traditions into the present in an easy-to-understand, inclusive, and practical way for both those new to the path and modern mystics looking to go deeper with their practices. Featuring a wealth of information about working with the gods and goddesses as well as rituals and grounded advice, Secrets of Greek Mysticism is a must-have for any true seeker’s bookshelf.”
—Victoria Maxwell, bestselling author of Witch, Please and Manifest Your Dreams

“In Secrets of Greek Mysticism, George shows us how ancient deities become guides for creating magic in everyday life. George’s insightful exploration of Hellenic spirituality offers a fresh perspective, going beyond mythology to reveal the gods and goddesses as embodiments of qualities relevant to our modern world. Through practical exercises, rituals, and thought-provoking insights, George encourages readers to connect with the divine energies of the gods and integrate their transformative qualities into their personal and spiritual journey.”
—Emma Mumford, manifestation expert and bestselling author of Hurt Healing Healed and Positively Wealthy

Secrets of Greek Mysticism is a wonderful book that allows you to put the power of the Greek gods and goddesses into your life in applicable and practical ways, while honoring their wisdom and magic!”
—Sahara Rose, bestselling author of Discover Your Dharma and host of Highest Self Podcast 
Secrets of Greek Mysticism beautifully delves into the heart of ancient Greek spirituality, enlightening readers about the profound distinctions between myth and theology, and providing a roadmap to work with the Greek gods for guidance and assistance in everyday life.” 
—Tammy Mastroberte, bestselling author of The Universe is Talking to You“George Lizos reimagines the Greek pantheon, allowing readers to tap into their wisdom in meaningful ways. With practical exercises and profound insights, this book opens a gateway to a deeper understanding of the divine energies that have shaped the foundations of Greek spirituality.”
—Ananta Ripa Ajmera, bestselling author of The Way of the Goddess

“Through Secrets of Greek Mysticism, George Lizos invites us to embrace the divine energies of the Greek pantheon, providing a practical guide to incorporating their virtues into modern life. George’s extensive knowledge as a spiritual teacher and priest shines through, as he weaves together historical context, personal anecdotes, and guided practices to deepen our relationship with the deities. This book not only enriches our understanding of Hellenic spirituality but also empowers us to engage with spirit on a personal level, cultivating a harmonious union between ancient wisdom and contemporary living.”
—Amy Leigh Mercree, medical intuitive and bestselling author of eighteen books including Aura Alchemy

“All in all, Secrets of Greek Mysticism is a wonderful introduction for readers wanting a fresh, modern approach to working with the ancient Greek deities.”
—Tony Mierzwicki, Patheos

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